Red Mini

Brighten your spring looks with a pop of hot red

Photography || Jules Kennedy

Hello Lovelies. Spring is finally here, along with the rain and slow budding blossoms. In usual fashion, Chicagoans are already sporting bare legs in 60 degree weather, embracing the chilly Spring but anticipating a gorgeous summer.

Today's look features what some would call my signature hue, red!  This is the perfect date night look, fun and flirty but oozing with class. Red's vibrant shade is in a league of its own in the department of exuding confidence and sex appeal. When wearing red, each person has a different comfort level of how much red they can sport at a time. I am perfectly comfortable wearing a head to toe red look, however those who aren't would find that pairing it with white tones creates a more grounded look.
For the Spring and summer months, I dare you to paint the town.
Show me your Cranberry Tantrums!


Top || Skirt || Heels {similar} || Bag